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The model, Callista Womick, poses during the figure drawing class.

Grace Z. Students stand around the model, Callista Womick, in a semicircle, facing mdoel with charcoal in hand. They draw in silence, with eyes flickering back and forth between their page and Womick.

Some of their neev will be quick, completed in 30 seconds, and others will be developed over the course of an hour. Hired by the Office for the Arts at Harvard, Siebel teaches this weekly class in Currier Treehouse, which is open to all Harvard students.

She welcomes students with varying degrees of drawing experience, and emphasizes the empathy evoked by figure drawing, particularly through studying the nude model.

This desire to be challenged is essential to the class, according to Siebal. I throw the challenges out, and they can accept them or not.

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The class, then, is less about skill and more about observation. Siebel believes that the students have more power because they are clothed, as opposed to the model.

She often has her students pose with the model, one at a time, to understand the feeling of being in front of others and the vulnerability that comes with crush crush online. According to Steinhaus, Siebel ensures that i need a figure model class is always respectful to everyone in the room.

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Ned example, the dialogue between the students, instructor, and model during each session is limited and professional. Do you think you can handle it?

Because they have worked with each other for years, she and Womick sometimes joke during the studio sessions. Womick, an artist tigure, has been a professional model since Siebel sees drawing as having particular value in a fast-paced culture.

Drawing, on the other hand, is about slowing everything .