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M y mother always says that one of her favourite things about Ghana is ghana sex women fact that most of the women on TV are fat and middle aged.

They have pop stars with names like Mama Mary and Queen Mercy. And when it comes to advertising, they are the face of womrn products.

Take mosquito coils, for example. As you read this, one brand in particular is flying off the shelves thanks to a TV advert in which two somethings cuddle naked in bed. It's the last thing that I — with my years of exposure to British images of glossified young women — am expecting: What is so interesting about this is that despite the lack of squeamishness about ghana sex women fact that adults of all ages, shapes and sizes have sex ghana sex women, there is a mysteriousness about sex in Africa.

Obviously there is more — there's ghana sex women reason the average Ghanaian woman conceives four children, for a start.

Ghnaa sex is a more subtle business here, and on the surface it is taboo. The one thing I have managed to work out is that sex in ghana sex women countries generally, Ghana included, can often be a transactional affair.

Forget the five "P"s feminist scholars usually associate with sexual politics power, practices, partners, pleasure and procreation: Polygamous relationships bring their own unique ghanq dynamic. Although they are now on the decline, and are already a world away from the mall-crawling youth of West Africa's ghana sex women centres.

Here the "sleeping schedule" is key — the source of numerous disputes among wives and unlimited headaches for their in-demand husbands. Polygamous men might eat with one wife then sleep with another, or rotate around the women two days at a time. Highly sexed younger wives are known ghana sex women trying to steal extra nights.

But this competition usually seems more about childbearing opportunities, which in turn determine power and resources within the family, than they are about sexual desire. Ghana sex women to Adventures from the Bedrooms of Ghana sex women Women, I'm all the wiser as to the secret motive behind African Dettol douches not recommended or that a whole new generation of Africans is willing to embrace the old racist stereotype that African men are "hung like horses".

Eva Wiseman returns here next week. Topics Ghana The Eva Wiseman column.

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